empowerment of individuals for a just society.


Lakki foundation is improving basic living standards without any discrimination, to uplift society as a whole.

Message from CEO

Mr. Shafi Muhammad

We usually look forward to others for solution of our problems, let’s take initiative and add our input in the form of energies and resources for the benefit of our society without any discrimination. Resources are never in abundance but I believe with available resources we can change our lives, bring change in the lives of others who are dependent upon us. All we need to do is to join hands, develop tolerance and move communally. Lakki Foundation will harmonize available resources for the benefit of poor and vulnerable community and address basic needs in a sustainable way by ensuring participation of all stakeholders.



Lakki Foundation was founded under section 42 of the company ordinance 1984 and the license was issued by Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan on 11th august 2014. Lakki Foundation is an independent, non-partisan and non-government organization working for the social and economic welfare of people on grassroots level. Lakki Foundation follows principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. Priority operational areas include education, health care, vocational training, clean drinking water, food assistance and financial assistance in marriages of unprivileged girls.

What we do?

1.Health Care Programs:

  • Ambulance service.
  • Free eye cataract surgeries.
  • Mobile medical camps in remote areas and disaster struck areas of the country.
  • Repair, renovation and rehabilitation of existing health facilities.
  • Assistance to physically impaired people.

2.Betterment of children:

  • Awarding merit based educational scholarships to deserving students up-to masters level education.
  • Free educational services and need based financial assistance for students of remote and disaster struck areas of the country.
  • Education scholarships for widows and orphans.
  • Scholarships for vocational training for poor people.
  • Scholarships for physically impaired people.

3. Humanitarian Response Programs:

  • Food support.
  • Provision of non-Food items.
  • Provision of temporary shelter.

4. Eradication of water borne diseases:

  • Installation of hand pumps.
  • Installation of water wells.

5. Women empowerment.

6. Awareness and advocacy.



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