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Health Care

It is rightly said that Health is wealth. In a developing country like Pakistan that is struggling to provide healthcare services to people but still a lot need to be done in this regard. Poor people on gross root level spend their savings on healthcare problems due to unawareness and lack of availability of healthcare services. Lakki Foundation is also working in primary healthcare with main focus on emergency and referral and prevention.

Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is basic need of every individual on earth. In Pakistan in different areas of KP, Sind and Baluchistan there is acute problem of clean drinking water. Drinking water that is available in far flung areas of these provinces isn’t good for health. Lakki foundation installs hand pumps, tube wells and water filtration plants as per need and requirements of the deserving area.

Prisoners welfare & health care

Developing countries face lots of social evils that erodes society in variety of forms. Due to injustice, lack of awareness, drugs or poverty people try to take steps that push them towards violation of law. This program focus on welfare of prisoners in two way, it arranges healthy/ recreational activities for prisoners in addition to creating awareness among them about healthy life. Main objective of this intervention is to bring such people back to life and make them productive individuals of the society.

Food Support Program

This programme focusses on provision of food items to disaster struck areas (human made or natural). Food packages are provided to a family of 8 persons for a period of one month. Nutritional requirements of pregnant an adolescent women are main focus of this program. In addition to food items, cooked food is also provided to disaster struck and poor people across the country.

Scholarship to Orphans and Widows

There is a special package for orphan children who due to death of their father can't continue their education. This includes bearing all expenses of education including pocket money. Fee etc is directly paid to education institutions in which these orphans are studying while books etc are given to children. Initially this will cover education up to 8th class and later on efforts will be made for higher studies of these orphan students. Read More

Human Rights

One of the main pillars of Lakki foundation is its struggle for equal rights for men and women. It strives to create a just environment where every individual knows his/her rights and can make decisions for him/herself. To achieve this milestone, Lakki foundation believes in creating awareness among community that can leads to a just world. A community whose foundations are laid upon non-discriminatory behaviour and respect for human rights.

Vocational Training Programme

Vocational training initiative of LF is to help people specficially women spend their time productively and as a step towards women empowerment. This initiative helps people enrol in Govt vocational training institutes and get diploma etc as per their capacity and need. This program offers 3 months and 6 months diplomas to deserving people. Duration of training may vary depending upon capacity and requirement of beneficiary.

Educational Awards

Educational awards are given to poor students showing outstanding performance for continuation of their studies. This programme focusses primarily on remote rural areas of the country. Students at primary level are also provided assistance for their education. This programme also supports schools by provision of human resource to provide education to poor people uninterrupted. In this regard salaries of teachers are paid along with other allied expenses.

Lakki foundation is providing Medicine to Thalesimia patient

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